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Do you struggle with having the energy to live how you want to live?

65% of Employees Report Feeling Burned Out
  • Uncover keys to radically increase your energy, improve your relationships (with others, with yourself, with your work)
  • Identify
    • A way to divest and/or delegate activities that no longer serve you
    • Where you can and should expand things you're doing (maybe in a different way than you're doing them now)
    • Where you might need to shift
  • Gain clarity on the intentionality of your life - WHY are you doing what you're doing? What activities lift and expand you and which ones drain and cause destruction in your life.

Does this sound like you?

  • I’m exhausted… all the time
  • My workouts don't energize me like they used to
  • I am yelling at my kids (partner; co-workers) - that’s just not me
  • I can’t focus
  • I feel like I’m in a fog
  • I am sleeping way more than I used to
  • No one appreciates all that I do
  • My mind races at night and I have trouble falling asleep
  • I have no energy for anything beyond work
  • I can’t get a good night’s sleep

“I’ve been thinking about this as I go through this new journey I am on. I have spent my life making sure the people in my life are happy. You taught me how to find what makes me happy. For that I will always appreciate our work together… thank you. I am so happy on my new journey”  - Kathy

What's Included

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3 Part Video Guidance Series

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  • Access to support from Coach Dotty Posto