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42% of women report feeling Burned Out

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  • Uncover keys to radically increase your energy, improve your relationships (with others, with yourself, with your work)


  • Identify
    • A way to divest and/or delegate activities that no longer serve you
    • Where you can and should expand things you're doing (maybe in a different way than you're doing them now)
    • Where you might need to shift


  • Gain clarity on the intentionality of your life - WHY are you doing what you're doing? What activities lift and expand you and which ones drain and cause destruction in your life.

Does this sound like you?

  • I’m exhausted… all the time
  • My workouts don't energize me like they used to
  • I am yelling at my kids (partner; co-workers) - that’s just not me
  • I can’t focus
  • I feel like I’m in a fog
  • I am sleeping way more than I used to
  • No one appreciates all that I do
  • My mind races at night and I have trouble falling asleep
  • I have no energy for anything beyond work
  • I can’t get a good night’s sleep
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Energy Wisdom guides you back to your innate mind, body, soul wisdom.

It helps you take a deep and sober look at yourself from Energetic, Emotional, Mental, Physical and Relational perspectives. It guides you back to your core self, your authentic natural wisdom and energetic blueprint. Restoring what uplifts and replenishes you, releasing what restricts and constricts you - and creating a pattern of observation that helps you live daily from your Energetic Blueprint.

This Energy Assessment is the first step of a deeper, 1:1 or group coaching process. There are poignant insights and tremendous shifts you can make with just this three part series.

If... you're courageous enough to follow it through to the end

If... you're radically honest with yourself, and

If... you allow what is anxious to flow through you to bubble up, be witnessed, be believed

Through Energy Wisdom work we:

* Reframe - take a new, sober, radically honest look at your current way of BEING
* Restore - provide a variety of ways to bring you back to you... to restore you to your uniqueness, your core, your personal Energetic Blueprint
* Rebuild - assist you in rebuilding the beliefs and habits that can sustain your original way of being (which for some, is not even remembered)

Tap Your ENERGY WISDOM to restore your unique Energetic Blueprint

“I’ve been thinking about this as I go through this new journey I am on. I have spent my life making sure the people in my life are happy. You taught me how to find what makes me happy. For that I will always appreciate our work together… thank you. I am so happy on my new journey”  - Kathy

What's Included

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3 Part Video Guidance Series

You'll receive access to:

  • 3 Recorded Video Lessons
  • Accompanying worksheets for each lesson
  • Additional Resources to extend your learning
  • Access to support from Coach Dotty Posto

Meet Your Coach

Dotty Posto

Dotty brings 25 years of a blended experience of navigating individuals, leaders, and organizations through complex change. She’s been through burnout on several levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Like so many, Dotty sought solutions and relief through different corporate trainings and a variety of spiritual coaches, never fully accessing the root cause of her exhaustion and energetic misalignment.

It wasn’t until she tied two resonant practices together - 1) her Kundalini yoga practices (working many different levels of the emotional body, the energetic body and the nervous system) and 2) uncovering the ‘adaptations’ she had created to deal with the drama and trauma in her life - that she began to develop the focus she needed to realign, tap deeply into her own Energy Wisdom and rearchitect her Energetic Blueprint to heal and transform.

Dotty has built a unique Energetic Blueprint framework that guides individuals through deep levels of observing (‘mirror’ work) accessing transformational rather than transactional levels of connection with themselves and others. Through deep observation - getting still - she guides clients through practices to really observe the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual landscapes to be able to intuit where change is needed. From that level of Energy Wisdom is born 'Deep Action' to develop each unique Energetic Blueprint, shifting her clients’ experiences from burnout to energetic health.

Dotty creates safe, sacred space for her clients to surrender and receive. She creates experiences that allow clients to tap their innate Energy Wisdom. She brings a deep level of grace and devotion to her clients and groups, weaving a web of support to help them navigate transformation on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes in a holistic and sustainable way.

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