Reflect Release Restore

Release Stress

Relax & rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit

Relax in the beauty of coastal Maine

A Women's Retreat

Georgetown, Maine
October 17 - 20, 2024


Come away with:

Renewed energy

A renewable sense of calm

A plan to create more space for you

 A community of women on the journey to end burnout 


Let your mind, body and soul take respite on the coast of Maine


Let go of the stress
Let go of the endless go, go, go
Let go of a perpetual lack of energy


Leave feeling lighter, happier, freer


Commune with the lulling ocean soundscape
Sit in awe of Fall's changing treescape
Let your heart speak what it longs for


Create a renewable sense of ease (that you can recreate without being on retreat every weekend)


Reconnect to your personal rhythm
Reconnect to your intuition
Reconnect to your soul's longing


You'll stop only focusing on other's needs and know and fulfill your needs first, so you can be happier, healthier and a better leader, partner, parent and a better friend (to others and yourself)

Explore your inner landscape...

Bathe in the stunning, autumn beauty of coastal Maine

You will leave with...

  • Keys to unlock impact with energy and fulfillment
  • A renewed sense of being 'in sync' with yourself
  • Energy reserves can restore at will
  • Tools to release energetic & mental blocks to reduces stress and feel lighter and happier
  • A connection to your fire, vitality, and motivation

F. Holland Day House

This retreat house was the summer home of the American photographer and publisher F. Holland Day (July 23, 1864 November 23, 1933). From Boston, Day was somewhat eccentric, flamboyant and an early and vocal advocate for photography as a fine art.

The house, originally referred to as Little Good Harbor, was a retreat space for underprivileged boys.

Photo carousel below were taken by your retreat host (Dotty Posto) of the retreat house and surrounding area, including the nearby Reid State Park.

During this retreat we will...


...the mental, emotional, and energetic clutter that creates chaos and overwhelm while keeping us stuck.


...your patterns of depletion and the impact on your energy and our life. And the warmth and energy of community.


...nourishing, restorative yoga, photography, journaling, and other practices to feed our mind, body and soul to rejuvenate and create lasting energy.


...sustainable practices to nurture and nourish ourselves.


...a deeper discernment in your choices
to nourish and nurture your mind, heart, body, and soul.


...a deeper and more sustained reservoir of energy.


...nourishing food to warm your body, heart, and soul.

Release, Restore, Rejuvenate Retreat

Georgetown, Maine
October 17 - 20, 2024 


Double Room - Early Bird Price

Early Bird price of $1257 will end August 1, 2023.

Prices will increase after August 1 to $1497

Space is limited - maximum 10 participants


Included In The Retreat Fees: 
  • All retreat activities
  • Morning yoga
  • Evening restorative yoga
  • Personal Retreat Journal
  • Surprises for each attendee
  • Meals: 
    • Snacks Thursday afternoon
    • Thursday dinner
    • All meals on Friday and Saturday
    • Breakfast and mid-day snacks Sunday  
Not included in Retreat Fees:
  • Air travel to Maine (retreat center is approximately 1 hour North of the Portland International Jetport)
  • Ground transportation to and from the airport/retreat center
    • We will create a spreadsheet for attendees to arrange carpools

Have Questions?

Schedule a 15 minute call with Dotty to get all your questions answered about the retreat:

Dotty Posto

Dotty brings 30 years experience guiding individuals, leaders, and organizations through complex change. She’s been through burnout on several levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Like so many, Dotty sought solutions and relief through different corporate trainings or one-off strategies (meditation, diet, yoga) that never fully addressed the root cause of her exhaustion and frustration.

It wasn’t until she uncovered the habits she had created to deal with all the challenges that she was able to realign to who she really was vs. who she became to meet so many external expectations. Dotty tapped into her own Energy Wisdom, and realigned to her unique Energetic Blueprint and THAT is what led to her to transform her life.

Dotty's unique Energetic Blueprint framework guides her clients through deep levels of observing, accessing transformational rather than transactional levels of connection with themselves and others. From that level of Energy Wisdom is born 'Deep Action' to shift her clients from burnout to energetic health.

Dotty creates safe, sacred space for her clients to surrender and receive. She brings a deep level of grace and devotion to her clients and groups, weaving a web of support to help them navigate transformation in a holistic and sustainable way.