Reveal Your Rhythm & Create Flow

A three month holistic group coaching program designed to give your mind, body, and soul a new rhythm.

Feeling exhausted?
Experiencing anxiety, frustration, with a side of resentment?
Is your nervous system in constant overdrive?


ENERGY WISDOM  may be just what you need!

This is for you if...

You are feeling burnout...

Are you exhausted, depleted and know there's got to be better way to live?

Are you feeling everything 'out there' is consuming you?

Do you feel outwardly capable and yet you are suffering inwardly?

Are you feeling silenced amidst the chaos?

Does it feel as though you may be constantly pushing forward and striving for what you want as a way to prove you deserve to exist?

Are you feeling pulled to create a new journey, and not sure how to begin?

Your heart is being calling to be healed. I am here to help you with that healing.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Lost your usual level of productivity and focus
  • Can't fall asleep and/or stay asleep all night
  • Not eating well; experiencing difficult managing weight
  • Exercise now longer gives you the lift or the results it used to
  • Not exercising, or over exercising to ‘try and relieve the stress’
  • Continuing to take on more and more: over working, over-giving and over committing
  • Not enjoying your work, 
  • Experiencing anxiety
  • Reacting out of proportion to the situation
  • Feeling like you don’t have any help with the things you’re doing, and yet you’re a responsible, capable high performer who isn’t used to asking for help… 
  • Feeling as though you are falling through the abyss
  • Loneliness is creeping in
  • Feeling a regular state of brain fog
  • Getting sick more often or constantly with symptoms that cannot always be linked to a physical ailment
  • You're in a constant state of depletion - giving from an empty cup

Or, like myself, maybe this?

I marinated in Cortisol most of my life and it has taken a serious toll on my health, my relationships, and my ability to be happy… to really experience satisfaction, love and joy. Over the years, this has manifested as what my husband and I playfully refer to as “Does Not Play Well With Others”.


Over the course of 3 months, we will uncover together, what is draining your energy, what old patterns and expectations are no longer serving you and what is longing to be released. We'll explore the simple yet challenging key to unlocking energy.

We will meet on Thursdays, every 2 weeks as a small group to explore themes to:

* Reframe
* Restore
* Rebuild

Dotty will guide you through group exercises and meet with you privately to co-create your new and unique Energetic Blueprint.

This program isn't "One More To-Do" on your long list

It is the web of support which brings your energy back into it's natural Rhythm

and will allow you to refocus how you bring your soul into

your work, your family and your self, in a new way that fully expresses your unique blueprint - your ENERGY WISDOM .

“I’ve been thinking about this as I go through this new journey I am on. I have spent my life making sure the people in my life are happy. You taught me how to find what makes me happy. For that I will always appreciate our work together… thank you. I am so happy on my new journey”  - Kathy

What's Included

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 3.02.37 PM
Your 3 Month Holistic ENERGY WISDOM

Our intimate group coaching setting includes:


  • 6 X Real-time Bi-weekly Group Coaching Sessions (Virtual; 90 min each)
  • 2 X Private 1:1 Sessions with Dotty (Virtual; 60 min each)
  • 1 X Full Day Completion Retreat (Virtual; 5 hours)

Program Materials & Support:

  • 6 curated topics to uncover, explore and weave together through the course of our program
  • Your Personalized Energetic Blueprint, co-created with Dotty and the support of your group
  • 10 Bodies Introductory Toolkit
  • Practices & Worksheets to support each topic and tool creation
  • Email support from Dotty throughout our program
  • Group wisdom and support during and outside of scheduled sessions
  • Customized Surprise Bonus!

Diving into this 3 month Group Program

You will have the deep support and tools to:

  • Tune into your intuition to guide your decisions
  • Identify your ability to recognize when, how and why you layer your amor on and how to dismantle it
  • Develop your ability to discern where and when to trust and open up to receiving from others
  • Develop your capacity to ask for what you want, need and desire
  • Develop your capacity to provide for yourself what truly nurtures your mind, body and soul

Meet Your Coach

Dotty Posto

Dotty brings 25 years of a blended experience of navigating individuals, leaders, and organizations through complex change. She’s been through burnout on several levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Like so many, Dotty sought solutions and relief through different corporate trainings and a variety of spiritual coaches, never fully accessing the root cause of her exhaustion and energetic misalignment.

It wasn’t until she tied two resonant practices together - 1) her Kundalini yoga practices (working many different levels of the emotional body, the energetic body and the nervous system) and 2) uncovering the ‘adaptations’ she had created to deal with the drama and trauma in her life - that she began to develop the focus she needed to realign, tap deeply into her own Energy Wisdom and rearchitect her Energetic Blueprint to heal and transform.

Dotty has built a unique Energetic Blueprint framework that guides individuals through deep levels of observing (‘mirror’ work) accessing transformational rather than transactional levels of connection with themselves and others. Through deep observation - getting still - she guides clients through practices to really observe the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual landscapes to be able to intuit where change is needed. From that level of Energy Wisdom is born 'Deep Action' to develop each unique Energetic Blueprint, shifting her clients’ experiences from burnout to energetic health.

Dotty creates safe, sacred space for her clients to surrender and receive. She creates experiences that allow clients to tap their innate Energy Wisdom. She brings a deep level of grace and devotion to her clients and groups, weaving a web of support to help them navigate transformation on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes in a holistic and sustainable way.

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Ready to uncover your Energy Wisdom?

Program Fees

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Get Started

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Here's how to get started

It takes courage and resilience to begin the journey to transform your energetic blueprint and shed the overwhelm.

Let's talk for 30 minutes and explore how you can tap into your ENERGY WISDOM.

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