"Does not play well with others."

If you've heard or said those words, this is the right place for you to get to the root of your toughest leadership and team issues.

Learn how to up-level your team, optimize results, and consistently inspire peak performance.

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Breakdown Barriers
Build Trust
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Force Multiplier

Culture is the demonstration of how your employees interpret what is truly valued in the organization.


Values are behavior manifest. What people do or don’t do, what they say, what they don’t. People learn what behaviors are accepted, discouraged and tolerated from the experienced behaviors of their leaders and peers in your organization.


By leveraging Culture in your organization you can expect a higher level of engagement among team members which results in trust, transparency, authenticity, evolved actions, higher retention levels, and an improved financials.

Why aren't we meeting our numbers?Why do projects continue to come in late?Why can't they just do their jobs?What does it take for these people to work well together?Why do I continue to get complaints about ….?Why does it take heroic efforts to achieve our goals?
Culture, the collective intellect of value, becomes a Force Multiplier, quadrupling the power of your people to creatively execute and deliver.


We are honored to have worked alongside the companies listed here, in a variety of industries, across the globe. Together our transformative efforts have a rippling impact.


"Dotty spent over 6 months with the whole group both in one-on-one sessions and also in group sessions. She quickly gained the respect of everyone and they all were extremely open with her as a result. Her leadership and her ability to break down the barriers was excellent, and we were soon marching to the same beat. At the end of the assignment, we were a very strong team and broke many business financial and market metrics."

Brian White
Former CEO, GE Waukesha Gas Engine

Culture: The Force Multiplier


The Force Multiplier
Bringing it all together

There has been a great deal of focus in organizations over the years on strategy - and while a critical element - Peter Drucker puts it well:

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast"

Establishing a deliberate, constructive, powerfully productive culture is the force multiplier that will uplevel each individual, team and department to achieve deliver the results of your strategy and vision.

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  • Develop a stronger connection among your team members.
  • Deepen their trust in each other to enable: constructive conflict and commitment to the work at hand.
  • Identify the elements of culture necessary to actualize the objective of your organization.
  • Create a blueprint for your Culture Forensic.
  • Take the pulse on the current culture of your enterprise through targeted interviews and focus groups.
  • Identify the gaps between the prevailing and desired behaviors.
  • Input your Culture Forensic intelligence to transition with power and grace.
  • Identify key performance indicators.
  • Establish metrics that ensure your organization stays on the path to success.
  • Establish a cadence of review to sustain a forward trajectory and course correct as required.

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