Meet Dotty

Dotty Posto helps professional women ditch the baggage of burnout (the stress, anxiety, overwhelm, lack of motivation, health challenges) and return to their unique energetic blueprint to live life with the energy and vitality to have what they want, how they want it..

Dotty began her coaching and consulting business after working in Organizational Development for Fortune 500 companies such as The Chicago Tribune, Aon-Hewitt and Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Dotty’s clients say, through their work with her, they’ve experienced new levels creativity,  effectiveness, and well-being...without the struggle they'd become accustomed to.  

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From Miscast to Magnificent

I started my career working in roles that ranged from training, to sales, to business analysis, project management--developing a cadre of skills to support roles veering further and further from my natural talents and gifts.

This misalignment wore many masks of dysfunctional behavior. I was labeled as difficult, overbearing, and aggressive. My husband and I referred to it as “getting a ‘Does not play well with others’ on my report card.” It cost me work relationships, performance increases, promotions and inevitably, my health.

The companies I worked for treated the symptoms with standard training. Communication, conflict styles, and others. While somewhat helpful, they focused on treating the symptoms and not the root cause.

Origin Story

What changed?

First, I had a manager who saw me for my potential, my true talent - beyond my 'symptoms'. She provided me with the opportunity to attend a leadership development program that leveraged 360 degree and personal assessment tools. It was from this holistic, whole picture approach I began to live up to that vast potentiality. It wasn't immediate. It was a series of many small shifts, frustrating backslides, beautiful realizations, the leadership of that manager and coaches a powerful coaching relationship that truly changed my career, and my life.

It is for this reason coaches are instrumental. Personal perspective is limited to protect us. When one of my coaches asked, 'So - who is Dotty, really?' I began to weep. I didn't know the answer. I'd gotten so good at 'doing,' I forgot how to be a human 'being.' I'd lost sight of who I was - at my core.

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Through a beautifully guided process, I realized that my preferences were the exact opposite of the 'learned' behaviors and style I had adapted to fulfill the early roles of my career. I learned I am not the extrovert I had always believed, and been told dogmatically. I came home to myself, authentically, and started leading from more core. I was there, in plain sight all along, I just needed someone with a more practiced eye to help me see me.

How this shows up in my work

My Work

Here, we create safe, collaborative space for candid conversations that remove personal attack, leaving plenty of space for innovative solutions.
  • We grow authentic leaders who work from their true talents to inspire, rather than intimidate, and empower, rather than overpower.
  • We design learning opportunities with tight feedback loops for continuous evolution.

In Plain Sight guarantees a foundation of Authenticity, Accountability, and Action. Here you will make the best decisions for you and your organization. Lead from your core. Lead your team to their full potential.