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Leading from the Core

This program provides leaders with learning and coaching to work through challenges more effectively, put mirrors on their blind spots, and measure their effectiveness as a team leader by raising the productivity, innovation and results of their team.

Leading from the Core aligns a leader with their strengths, their passion, their integrity. Organize and align your leaders, organize and align your organization. 


Be the leader you want your leaders to be
  • You're booked in back to back meetings, and often double and triple booked at any given time. 
  • Your teams are spinning in discussions without coming to decisions. 
  • Decisions are revisited and overturned delaying projects or diminishing potential results. 
  • You're at your wits end and find yourself either losing your cool, blowing your top or throwing up your hands in frustration. 
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Lack of Trust is the one primary culprit behind most of these issues

That culprit is joined a the hip with several other cohorts that exacerbate these issues deep in the organization.  

  • Shortage of Authenticity and transparency 
  • Absence of conflict 
  • Avoidance of accountability 
The Leading from the Core program helps leaders deepen trust among teams and establish the transparency necessary to create and persevere.

"Dotty's genuine care for her clients is obvious. She is attentive, perceptive, flexible as needed, organized and dedicated to setting and achieving goals tailored to her client's needs. Dotty brings extensive resources to reach your desired results. Her number one focus is helping clients perform at their highest capacity. From a personal coaching perspective, she helps her clients become the best, most truthful version of themselves. "

- Lee Hutchinson

A Better Way

Create the space to lead

As you peel back the layers of habitual doing and shine the light on what's underneath, you uncover your pure talents and gifts that when given the space to thrive, will give you the space to breathe, to focus on leading, coaching your team, and creating innovative solutions to business challenges.

This rediscovering and reinvigorating your core, gives you awareness and courage to breakthrough the chaos and know with confidence what when to no to what isn't in you or your teams best interest.

Leading from the core will allow you the physical and energetic resources to build your team, not just manage them through the next, and the next challenge to make more room for opportunities.

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"Dotty possesses very strong technical skills and demonstrates great passion for helping both individuals and teams develop to a very high level of performance. She has the ability to engage quickly with a new function or team, diagnose and understand the behaviors and dynamics and provide solid coaching or suggestions.

Dotty is also a committed 'learner' and a quick study with respect to business functions and the issues that confront them. This helps her to put her technical (Organizational Development) perspectives into the context of the issues confronting the individual or team and help move them toward the overall business objective."

Dave Cotteleer, Harley-Davidson Vice President of North American Sales

How it Works

Simple and Powerful Success Tools

Deeper Awareness paired with Persistent Action

Let's see if we're a match.

Schedule a free leadership forensic to gain insights into your organizations behaviors underlying your culture. Walk away with 3 key actions to pivot misaligned behaviors to your deliberate culture vision.

After the leadership forensic, the work follows the 3F's process of Forensic, Foundation, & Fulfill.

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Looking from the outside in, we'll take the pulse on the leadership driving your current culture measured by effective results

Looking from the inside, we'll assess your trust, energy footprint, emotional fitness, and productive dissonance comfort zone.


Once we have a clear picture of your needs, we'll build a solid foundation for success

  • Create your mandala of personal and professional success
  • Assess the gaps
  • Draft a change in leadership specific to Your needs

To begin fulfilling your new plan, you'll

  • Action a personal change leadership plan
  • Empower authenticity and foster transparency
  • Nurture commitment, accountability, and review to ensure sustained change

Choose Your Path

We will structure our work together in a way that meets you where you are right now. There are several option here, whether you're just curious to test the waters of this work or you're ready to get fully immersed. 

My leadership development coaching programs start with a 3 month commitment.

You'll get:

  • 45 minute sessions every other week for 3 months
  • Outside In/Inside In assessments
  • Periodic videos to support your energy footprint
  • A toolkit of resources to support Forensic, Foundation and Fulfill

Most leaders find a 6 - 12 or more is what they need to peel back the onion on their habits and patterns and have the support to really make lasting, sustained change in their life.

After the first few months, many leaders will want to keep moving the needle to shift their not-so-helpful habits. Six months is a careful commitment to staying on the right path.

You'll get: 

  • 45 minute sessions every other week for 6 months
  • Outside In/Inside In assessments
  • Periodic videos to support your energy footprint
  • A toolkit of resources to support Forensic, Foundation and Fulfill
  • A 1/2 day intensive

This is for you if you're ready to be fully immersed in this week and make this commitment to lasting change.

You'll get:

  • One hour sessions every week for 12 months
  • Outside In/Inside In assessments
  • Periodic videos to support your energy footprint
  • A toolkit of resources to support Forensic, Foundation and Fulfill
  • You'll receive a one day live personal coaching day at a beautiful location

Get Started

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Ready to jump in?

Here’s how to get started.

If what you've ready peaks your interest, let's chat further to see how we can work together to create the space and energy to be the leader you dream of being.

Schedule a free 45 minute introductory session now. You'll walk away with insights and actions you can take immediately to lead from your core.